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On working days ordered before 16:15, shipped today
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Conditions of Use

Article 1. Introduction to conditions
1.1 These terms and conditions apply to all offers and to all purchase or sale agreements between Tuynder B.V. and the client.
1.2 Conditions applied by the client do not apply, unless they have been expressly accepted in writing by Tuynder B.V..
1.3 All offers and quotations from Tuynder B.V. are without obligation, unless expressly stated otherwise.
1.4 The buyer is deemed to be aware of and to agree with the conditions of Tuynder B.V. when ordering.
1.5 Our items are mostly original parts, the specified original numbers of non-original parts are only intended for comparison.
Article 2. Quotations
2.1 Unless otherwise stated, all quotations are without obligation with regard to delivery time and price.
2.2 Unless stated otherwise, prices are exclusive of VAT and are 'ex warehouse' in Nootdorp.
2.3 By publishing a new price list, all previous prices have expired. The price lists are subject to change without notice.
.2.4 Specially ordered parts may have a different price compared to items delivered from stock. This will be coordinated in consultation with the client before the order is processed.
2.5 Images serve only to indicate the products. These may differ in parts. Tuynder B.V. is not liable for deviations, printing and writing errors.
2.6 The validity period of a price offer is two weeks, unless it concerns a promotion and it expires within the applicable two weeks.
2.7 If, after the agreement has been concluded, one of the price factors has undergone an increase, Tuynder B.V. is entitled to increase the agreed price accordingly, even if that increase is caused by foreseeable circumstances. Tuynder B.V. informs the client of such a price increase as soon as possible. It will then be determined in consultation with the client whether an order will be canceled or continued.
Article 3. Agreements
3.1 The agreement, under whatever name, is only concluded after acceptance by Tuynder B.V. of an order from the client. This acceptance can be evidenced by the written confirmation of Tuynder B.V. (for example by fax, website or e-mail), if from the fact that Tuynder B.V. implements the agreement by verbal consent (for example by telephone).
Article 4. Delivery
4.1 The client has the choice between collecting the products from the warehouse of Tuynder B.V. in Nootdorp or having the products delivered or sent. All deliveries are made from the warehouse of Tuynder B.V.. The costs for having the products delivered or dispatched are not included in the prices.
4.2 Shipments with a value of at least € 200 net (excl. VAT) are delivered free of transport costs, provided they fall within the dimensions of the parcel service. If the volume is too large for shipping with the parcel service, the shipping costs will be charged.
4.3 Shipping costs in case of incorrect order will not be credited.
4.4 Delivery, by means of shipment or delivery, takes place to the address to be indicated by the client.
4.5 Tuynder B.V. reserves the right to deliver or cancel ordered products in partial deliveries without being obliged to pay any form of compensation to the buyer.
4.6 Products are supplied by Tuynder B.V. carefully protected against possible damage during shipment. However, in the unlikely event that damage occurs due to the shipment of products, these are at the risk of the client.
Article 5. Payment terms
5.1 Payments for orders that are collected must be made immediately, unless otherwise agreed (in writing). This can be done in cash or by debit card.
5.2 Shipment takes place cash on delivery or prepayment (bank transfer/paypal), unless otherwise agreed in writing.
5.3 Payments that have not been paid in cash, because otherwise agreed (in writing) must be in our possession no later than 30 days after the invoice date.
5.4 In the event of late payment, the buyer owes an interest of 7% per month.
5.5 All products remain our property until the purchase price has been paid in full.
5.6 All by Tuynder B.V. Costs to be incurred due to non-payment, both judicial and extrajudicial, are at the expense of the client, with a minimum of € 25.
Article 6. Force majeure
6.1 Force majeure is understood to mean unforeseen situations, such as fire, serious system failures, failures at suppliers, products that are delivered damaged by the supplier.
6.2 Tuynder B.V. in case of force majeure, has the choice to postpone the delivery or to cancel the purchase agreement.
Article 7. Suspension and dissolution
7.1 If the client is negligent with the payment of a claim due, applies for a moratorium, has been declared bankrupt, as well as in the event of the death of the client, the claims of Tuynder B.V. suddenly due and payable and Tuynder B.V. the right to cancel orders/quotations that have not yet been executed, either in whole or in part, without being obliged to pay any compensation.
Article 8. Return procedure
8.1 Return shipments are only accepted if our consent has been requested in advance. Return shipments and warranty assessments must be sent to our address carriage paid and at the risk of the sender.
8.2 Returned products are only accepted with a copy of the invoice and within 8 days of the invoice date, if undamaged and in original packaging.
8.3 Electronic items are never returned.
8.4 For returned products, a standard 5% handling fee of the purchase price will be charged.
8.5 Before proceeding with assembling/treating products, these must be checked. Treated products cannot be returned.
8.6 Products that have been ordered from the supplier especially for the client will not be returned.
8.7 Tuynder B.V. reserves the right to refuse credit for returned goods at any time.
Article 9. Warranty
9.1 We would like to receive complaints within two days of receipt of the products. If these have not reached us within eight days of the invoice date, they will no longer be accepted.
9.2 The warranty is limited to what is reimbursed to us by our suppliers.
9.3 The warranty is limited to the free delivery of parts that show manufacturing defects. Defects that have arisen in a way other than normal are not covered by the warranty.
9.4 Goods to which repairs and/or changes have been made are not guaranteed.
9.5 Subject to the guarantee, neither Tuynder B.V. nor the suppliers of Tuynder B.V. any liability to the purchaser. Tuynder B.V. is never obliged to pay any compensation for damage and/or costs that may arise for the buyer and/or third parties as a direct or indirect consequence of the delivery and/or use of the purchased item; the buyer is obliged to both Tuynder B.V. if the suppliers of Tuynder B.V. to indemnify against all claims in this regard from third parties.
9.6 Not for reimbursement by Tuynder B.V. business damage and damage due to loss of income of the client, regardless of how it arises.
9.7 All disputes arising between Tuynder B.V. and the client will in the first instance only be tried by a competent court in accordance with Dutch law.