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On working days ordered before 16:15, shipped today Professional advice High quality
On working days ordered before 16:15, shipped today
Home Car parts Cable repair kit REPSET REGELING INT.VENTILATOR T280-0400


Picture of T280-0400
€23.53 incl. VAT €22.36 incl. VAT


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High quality
Vehicle applications
BrandModelTypeManufacturer dateEngine code
PEUGEOT406 (8B)1.6199511 - 200405BFZ (XU5JP)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)1.8 16V199511 - 200010LFY (XU7JP4)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)2.0 16V199511 - 200405RFV (XU10J4R)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)1.9 TD199601 - 200405DHX (XUD9TE)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)2.1 TD 12V199601 - 200405P8C (XUD11BTE)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)2.0 Turbo199604 - 200405RGX (XU10J2TE)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)1.9 TD199601 - 200405DHY (XUD9TE)
PEUGEOT406 Break (8E/F)1.9 D199610 - 200410DHW (XUD9SD)
PEUGEOT406 Break (8E/F)1.8 16V199610 - 200010LFY (XU7JP4)
PEUGEOT406 Break (8E/F)1.9 TD199610 - 200410DHX (XUD9TE)
PEUGEOT406 Break (8E/F)2.1 TD 12V199610 - 200410P8C (XUD11BTE)
PEUGEOT406 Break (8E/F)2.0 Turbo199610 - 200410RGX (XU10J2TE)
PEUGEOT406 Break (8E/F)2.0 16V199610 - 200410RFV (XU10J4R)
PEUGEOT406 Break (8E/F)3.0 24V199610 - 200410XFZ (ES9J4)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)3.0 24V199610 - 200405XFZ (ES9J4)
PEUGEOT406 Coupé (8C)2.0 16V199703 - 200412RFV (XU10J4R)
PEUGEOT406 Coupé (8C)3.0 V6 24V199703 - 200412XFZ (ES9J4)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)1.8199705 - 200405LFX (XU7JB)
PEUGEOT406 Break (8E/F)1.8199705 - 200410LFX (XU7JB)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)2.0 HDI 110199806 - 200108RHZ (DW10ATED)
PEUGEOT406 Break (8E/F)2.0 HDI 110199902 - 200404RHZ (DW10ATED)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)2.0 HDI 90199902 - 200405RHY (DW10TD)
PEUGEOT406 Break (8E/F)2.0 HDI 90199902 - 200410RHY (DW10TD)
PEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.4200808 - 201512KFV (TU3A);KFW (TU3A)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)2.0 16V199901 - 200008RFR (EW10J4)
PEUGEOT406 Break (8E/F)2.0 16V199901 - 200010RFR (EW10J4)
PEUGEOT406 Coupé (8C)2.0 16V199901 - 200010RFR (EW10J4)
PEUGEOT607 (9D, 9U)3.0 V6 24V200002 - 200407XFX (ES9J4S)
PEUGEOT607 (9D, 9U)2.2 HDi200002 - 2006024HX (DW12TED4)
PEUGEOT607 (9D, 9U)2.2 16V200002 - 2005083FZ (EW12J4)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)3.0 V6200003 - 200405XFX (ES9J4S)
PEUGEOT406 Break (8E/F)3.0 V6200003 - 200410XFX (ES9J4S)
PEUGEOT406 Coupé (8C)3.0 V6200003 - 200412XFX (ES9J4S)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)2.2200007 - 2004053FZ (EW12J4)
PEUGEOT406 Break (8E/F)2.2200007 - 2004103FZ (EW12J4)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)1.8 16V200010 - 2004056FZ (EW7J4)
PEUGEOT406 Break (8E/F)1.8 16V200010 - 2004106FZ (EW7J4)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)2.0 16V200008 - 200406RFN (EW10J4)
PEUGEOT406 Break (8E/F)2.0 16V200010 - 200410RFN (EW10J4)
PEUGEOT406 Coupé (8C)2.0 16V200010 - 200412RFN (EW10J4);RFV (XU10J4R)
CITROËNC5 I (DC_)1.8 16V (DC6FZB, DC6FZE)200103 - 2004086FZ (EW7J4)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)2.2 HDi200003 - 2004054HX (DW12TED4)
PEUGEOT406 Break (8E/F)2.2 HDi200003 - 2004104HX (DW12TED4)
PEUGEOT406 Coupé (8C)2.2 HDI200003 - 2004124HX (DW12TED4)
CITROËNC5 I (DC_)2.0 16V (DCRFNC, DCRFNF)200103 - 200408RFN (EW10J4)
CITROËNC5 I (DC_)2.0 16V HPi (DCRLZB)200103 - 200408RLZ (EW10D)
CITROËNC5 I (DC_)3.0 V6 (DCXFXC, DCXFXF)200103 - 200408XFX (ES9J4S)
CITROËNC5 I (DC_)2.0 HDi (DCRHZB, DCRHZE)200103 - 200408RHZ (DW10ATED)
CITROËNC5 I (DC_)2.2 HDi (DC4HXB, DC4HXE)200103 - 2004084HX (DW12TED4)
CITROËNC5 I Break (DE_)2.0 16V (DERFNF, DERFNC, RERFNC)200106 - 200408RFN (EW10J4)
CITROËNC5 I Break (DE_)2.0 16V HPi (DERLZB)200106 - 200408RLZ (EW10D)
CITROËNC5 I Break (DE_)3.0 V6 (DEXFXC, DEXFXF)200106 - 200408XFX (ES9J4S)
CITROËNC5 I Break (DE_)2.0 HDi (DERHSB, DERHSE)200106 - 200408RHS (DW10ATED)
CITROËNC5 I Break (DE_)2.2 HDi (DE4HXB, DE4HXE)200106 - 2004084HX (DW12TED4)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)1.9 D199610 - 200405DHW (XUD9SD)
CITROËNC5 I Break (DE_)1.8 16V (DE6FZB, DE6FZE)200106 - 2004086FZ (EW7J4)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)2.0 16V HPi200105 - 200405RLZ (EW10D)
PEUGEOT406 Break (8E/F)2.0 16V HPi200105 - 200410RLZ (EW10D)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)2.0 HDi 110200108 - 200405RHS (DW10ATED);RHZ (DW10ATED)
PEUGEOT406 Break (8E/F)2.0 HDi 110200108 - 200410RHS (DW10ATED);RHZ (DW10ATED)
CITROËNC3 I (FC_, FN_)1.1 i200202 - 0HFX (TU1A);HFX (TU1JP)
CITROËNC3 I (FC_, FN_)1.4 HDi200202 - 08HX (DV4TD);8HZ (DV4TD)
CITROËNC3 I (FC_, FN_)1.4 i Bivalent200202 - 0KFV (TU3JP)
CITROËNC3 I (FC_, FN_)1.6 16V200202 - 201008NFU (TU5JP4)
CITROËNC3 I (FC_, FN_)1.4 16V HDi200202 - 08HY (DV4TED4)
PEUGEOT406 Coupé (8C)2.2200203 - 2004123FZ (EW12J4)
CITROËNC3 Pluriel (HB_)1.6200305 - 0NFU (TU5JP4)
CITROËNC3 Pluriel (HB_)1.4200305 - 0KFV (TU3A);KFV (TU3JP)
CITROËNC2 (JM_)1.1200309 - 201209HFX (TU1A);HFX (TU1JP)
CITROËNC2 (JM_)1.4200309 - 200912KFV (TU3A);KFV (TU3JP)
CITROËNC2 (JM_)1.6200307 - 201010NFU (TU5JP4)
CITROËNC2 (JM_)1.4 HDi200307 - 2009128HX (DV4TD);8HZ (DV4TD)
CITROËNC5 I Break (DE_)3.0 Carlsson200309 - 200408XFX (ES9J4S)
CITROËNC3 I (FC_, FN_)1.4 16V200312 - 0KFU (ET3J4)
PEUGEOT607 (9D, 9U)2.0200002 - 200508RFN (EW10J4)
CITROËNC3 Pluriel (HB_)1.4 HDi200404 - 08HX (DV4TD);8HZ (DV4TD)
PEUGEOT607 (9D, 9U)2.0 HDI200005 - 200509RHZ (DW10ATED)
PEUGEOT1007 (KM_)1.4200504 - 0KFV (TU3A);KFV (TU3JP)
PEUGEOT1007 (KM_)1.6 16V200504 - 0NFU (TU5JP4)
PEUGEOT1007 (KM_)1.4 HDi200504 - 08HX (DV4TD);8HZ (DV4TD)
CITROËNC5 I (DC_)2.0 HDi (DCRHYB)200103 - 200408RHY (DW10TD)
CITROËNC5 I Break (DE_)2.0 HDi (DERHYB)200106 - 200408RHY (DW10TD)
CITROËNC2 (JM_)1.6 VTS200410 - 200912NFS (TU5JP4S)
PEUGEOT607 (9D, 9U)2.7 HDi 24V200412 - 201107DT17TED4
PEUGEOT1007 (KM_)1.4 16V200510 - 0KFU (ET3J4)
PEUGEOT607 (9D, 9U)2.2 16V200509 - 2010063FY (EW12J4)
PEUGEOT607 (9D, 9U)2.0 HDI200509 - 201107RHR (DW10BTED4)
CITROËNC3 I (FC_, FN_)1.6 16V HDi200509 - 09HZ (DV6TED4)
PEUGEOT607 (9D, 9U)3.0 V6 24V200403 - 201107XFV (ES9A);XFX (ES9J4S)
CITROËNC3 I (FC_, FN_)1.6 16V HDi200510 - 09HX (DV6ATED4)
PEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.4200602 - 201310KFV (TU3A)
PEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.4 16V200602 - 201310KFU (ET3J4)
PEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.6 16V200602 - 201310NFU (TU5JP4)
PEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.6 16V Turbo200602 - 2013105FX (EP6DT)
PEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.6 HDi200602 - 2013109HV (DV6TED4);9HV (DV6TED4B);9HV (DV6TED4BU);9HX (DV6ATED4)
PEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.6 HDi200602 - 2013109HY (DV6TED4);9HZ (DV6TED4)
PEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.4 HDi200602 - 2015128HR (DV4C);8HZ (DV4TD)
PEUGEOT607 (9D, 9U)2.2 HDi200605 - 2010064HS (DW12BTED4);4HT (DW12BTED4)
CITROËNC2 (JM_)1.4 16V200504 - 200912KFU (ET3J4)
PEUGEOT607 (9D, 9U)2.0 HDi200103 - 200409RHS (DW10ATED)
PEUGEOT207 CC (WD_)1.6 16V200702 - 2013105FS (EP6C);5FW (EP6);EP6
PEUGEOT207 CC (WD_)1.6 16V Turbo200702 - 2012125FX (EP6DT)
PEUGEOT207 CC (WD_)1.6 HDi200702 - 2015019HZ (DV6TED4)
PEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.6 16V VTi200702 - 2012125FS (EP6C);5FW (EP6);EP6
PEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.6 16V RC200702 - 2012125FY (EP6DTS)
CITROËNC3 I (FC_, FN_)1.4 i200202 - 201011KFV (TU3A);KFV (TU3JP)
PEUGEOT1007 (KM_)1.6 HDi200706 - 09HZ (DV6TED4)
PEUGEOT207 SW (WK_)1.4200706 - 201212KFT (TU3AE5);KFV (TU3A)
PEUGEOT207 SW (WK_)1.4 16V200706 - 2013108FP (EP3C);8FS (EP3)
PEUGEOT207 SW (WK_)1.6 16V200706 - 2013105FS (EP6C);5FW (EP6);EP6
PEUGEOT207 SW (WK_)1.6 HDi200706 - 2012129HV (DV6TED4);9HV (DV6TED4B);9HV (DV6TED4BU);9HX (DV6ATED4)
PEUGEOT207 SW (WK_)1.6 HDi200706 - 2012129HZ (DV6TED4)
CITROËNC5 I (DC_)2.0 HDi200103 - 200408RHS (DW10ATED);RHZ (DW10ATED)
CITROËNC5 I Break (DE_)2.0 HDi (DERHZB, DERHZE)200106 - 200408RHZ (DW10ATED)
CITROËNC3 I (FC_, FN_)1.4 HDi200505 - 08HX (DV4TD)
CITROËNC2 (JM_)1.6 HDi200509 - 2009129HZ (DV6TED4)
PEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.4 16V200706 - 2013108FS (EP3);EP3;EP3C
PEUGEOT207 SW (WK_)1.6 16V RC200702 - 2012125FY (EP6DTS)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)1.8 Bifuel199904 - 200305LFY (XU7JP4)
CITROËNC3 II (SC_)1.1 i200909 - 201301HFV (TU1A);HFX (TU1A)
CITROËNC3 II (SC_)1.4200911 - 201609K6E (TU3A);KFT (TU3A);KFT (TU3AE5)
CITROËNC3 II (SC_)1.4 VTi 95200911 - 08FP (EP3C)
CITROËNC3 II (SC_)1.6 VTi 120200911 - 05FS (EP6C)
CITROËNC3 II (SC_)1.6 HDi200911 - 2016099HJ (DV6DTEDM);9HP (DV6DTED)
CITROËNC3 II (SC_)1.6 HDi 110200911 - 09HR (DV6C)
PEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.6 16V Turbo200910 - 2012125FR (EP6DT)
PEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.6 HDi200911 - 2012129HP (DV6DTED)
PEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.6 HDi 110200908 - 2012129HR (DV6C)
PEUGEOT207 CC (WD_)1.6 HDi200908 - 2013109HR (DV6C)
PEUGEOT207 CC (WD_)1.6 16V Turbo200910 - 2013125FR (EP6DT);5FV (EP6CDT)
PEUGEOT207 SW (WK_)1.6 HDi200908 - 2013109HR (DV6C)
PEUGEOT207 SW (WK_)1.6 HDi200911 - 2013129HP (DV6DTED)
CITROËNC3 II (SC_)1.6 HDi 90200911 - 09HX (DV6ATED4)
CITROËNC3 II (SC_)1.4 HDi 70 (SC8HZC, SC8HR0, SC8HP4)200911 - 08HP (DV4C);8HR (DV4C);8HZ (DV4TD)
PEUGEOT207 SW (WK_)1.4 16V200911 - 2012128FR (EP3C)
CITROËNC3 II (SC_)1.4 LPG201306 - 08FN (EP3)
PEUGEOT406 Coupé (8C)2.0 16V199904 - 200409RFV (XU10J4R)
PEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.4200604 - 201310KFT (TU3A);KFT (TU3AE5);KFV (TU3A)
PEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.4 16V200910 - 2012128FR (EP3)
CITROËNC3 II (SC_)1.0 VTi 68201208 - 0ZMZ (EB0)
CITROËNC3 II (SC_)1.2 VTi 82201206 - 201609HMZ (EB2);HMZ (EB2F)
CITROËNC3 II (SC_)1.6 HDi 115201209 - 09HD (DV6C)
CITROËNC3 II (SC_)1.2 THP 110201410 - 0HNZ (EB2DT)
PEUGEOT207 SW (WK_)1.6 16V Turbo200702 - 2012125FX (EP6DT)
CITROËNC3 II (SC_)1.6 BlueHDi 100201407 - 0BHY (DV6FD)
CITROËNC3 II (SC_)1.6 BlueHDi 75201504 - 09HK (DV6ETEDM);BHW (DV6FE)
CITROËNC3 II (SC_)1.4 VTi200911 - 08FR (EP3)
CITROËNC3 II (SC_)1.4 LPG201007 - 0KFT (TU3A)
ALFA ROMEO166 (936_)2.0 V6 (936A3___)199809 - 200010AR 34102
FIATDOBLO Open laadbak/ Chassis (263_)1.6 D Multijet201002 - 0263 A4.000;263 A5.000